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> Waterford Brand Artisans

Waterford Brand Artisans

Join Us at a 2013 Artisan Event and meet the talent behind uniquely designed Waterford masterpieces!

From November 6th through December 18th, 7 different Waterford Artisans will make 70 appearances across 28 states in the USA, as well as 5 appearances in Canada. Don't miss your chance to own this year's Artisan Event Exclusive - the House of Waterford Crystal 9" Newgrange Vase.

Download the 2013 Artisan Event Schedule (PDF)

John Connolly

JOHN CONNOLLY - Chief Designer
John Connolly is Chief Designer and Master Glass Cutter, dedicating three decades of service to Waterford Crystal. As a Master Cutter for sixteen years, John had the distinction of cutting some of our most famous trophies and presentation pieces. John joined the Design Department to develop the highly acclaimed Master Cutter Collection and is at the forefront of all new Waterford products.


FRED CURTIS - Master Sculpture and Designer
Fred began his career with crystal by chance at the tender age of sixteen.  For the next five years Fred learned to perfect the craft of crystal cutting and graduated as a fully qualified cutter. He continued training for a further five years to achieve his Masters Cutting Certificate. Fred was now a craftsman at the highest level. His unique skill as a designer and sculptor could not be denied and he soon became the founding member of Waterford's flagship sculpting department, working with the Maestro of Crystal, Miroslav Havel, Waterford's Director of Design and a true genius of his craft.  Fred is inspired by the natural beauty all around him. He enjoys the freedom of expression that allows him to create individual works of art in crystal that will further enhance his expertise as a true Master of his craft.

Philip O'Keeffe

PHILIP O'KEEFFE - Waterford Artisan
Philip started with Waterford Crystal in 1973 at sixteen years old. His early days were spent cutting stars on the bases of tumblers and glasses and learning from master glasscutters. Philip achieved the status of Master Glass Cutter himself, specializing in Waterford Crystal's heavier pieces. With strength, skill and artistry, Philip creates traditional deep cuts of shimmering elegance.  

  Tom Power

TOM POWER - Waterford Artisan
Tom began his career with Waterford as a Wedge Cutter 1969. Within ten years he advanced to Master Wedge Cutter. Meeting the criteria of 25 years experience as a Master Craftsman, Tom joined the Special Department of Waterford Crystal, cutting many one-off pieces that are destined to grace the display cabinet of many of the high achievers in sport, politics and business. One of his great works includes the Waterford Crystal Ball, lowered at the Times Square New Year's celebration in New York.

Vincent Rellis

VINCENT RELLIS - Waterford Artisan
For Vincent, working at Waterford was a family tradition with many of his siblings employed by Waterford Crystal. He commenced his apprenticeship in the craft of Rheintour or flat-cutting. This technique is especially difficult on the stems of wine glasses, as the cuts must be symmetrically placed around each stem. Waterford Crystal has designed suites based entirely on these flat cuts such as Curraghmore and the Royal Tara, inspired by 19th century Waterford Designs.

  Gerard Treacy

GERARD TREACY - Master Glass Blower
Gerard began his career with Waterford Crystal as an apprentice glass blower in 1979. Within a year he moved on to ball glass blower. The skill of the Master Glass Blower combines tremendous dexterity and coordination of hands, breath and strength, especially with the larger items. In 1984, Gerard qualified as a glass blower and, three years later, became a Master Glass Blower. He has worked on the entire range of Waterford Crystal stemwares.

Michael Vereker

MICHAEL VEREKER - Waterford Artisan
Michael joined Waterford Crystal in 1972. Within eight years he advanced to Master Cutter. This work calls for an artistic eye and steady hand. In Michael's own words "I find cutting crystal very artistic, very hands on and very fulfilling". During his career, Michael has hand-cut exclusive and magnificent pieces such as the Romance of Ireland Collection, the American Heritage Series and numerous now-retired Waterford Society pieces. .