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> Lismore - 3 Generations

Waterford Crystal Lismore POPS

Living With Lismore: A Story Of Three Generations

Waterford Lismore 6" Rose Bowl

Joan Carroll fondly remembers her first pieces of Lismore: a pair of claret glasses given to her as a wedding gift in 1955. She was immediately captivated by the clarity and brilliance of the crystal, and the elegance of the fine cutting.

As time went by she added a goblet here and a wine stem there, creating quite a collection over the years. Husband Phillip helped out from time to time with a particularly stunning piece of Lismore giftware to mark their milestone anniversaries and the births of daughters Lisa and Nancy.

When Lisa and Nancy both had their weddings in the 1980’s, Joan started each daughter with Lismore suites of their own. While Lisa continued her Lismore classic collection, Nancy gravitated toward the new, updated variations of Lismore Nouveau and Lismore Tall. For years, no matter where Carroll family gatherings were held, Lismore graced the table.

Today Nancy’s daughter Lizzie is on her way to her favorite Waterford retailer to complete her bridal registry. Lizzie loves the lightness of Lismore Essence, and would like to add some stems to the Essence gifts she received for college graduation. Lizzie’s perfect place setting would be Lismore Essence crystal, Lismore Butterfly fine china, and three generations of Carroll’s gathered around the family table.


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