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Waterford Crystal Lismore POPS

Lismore Castle

Inspired by Lismore Castle

Derived from the Gaelic "lios more", meaning "great ringfort", Lismore was inspired by the gothic architecture of the 800-year-old Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Ireland.

Ancestral home to England’s Dukes of Devonshire since the 18th century, the famed castle was once the home of Sir Walter Raleigh and overlooks the beautiful Munster countryside southeast coast of County Waterford, Ireland.

Waterford Lismore Goblet

Designed by Miroslav Havel

Influenced by the 18th century crystal designs of Waterford founders George and William Penrose, Waterford Crystal designer Miroslav Havel created the Lismore pattern in 1952.

Lismore Crystal Designer Miroslav Havel

The Lismore crystal pattern features refined diamond cuts - a signature of early Penrose designs – and a symmetrical series of upward flowing wedge cuts. The clarity of the crystal combined with the refraction of light through the cutting created what the world now treasures – the enduring allure of Lismore.

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