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Waterford Crystal Tyrone


Waterford Crystal Tyrone stemware, introduced in 1954, is inspired by Tyrone, which lies on the waters of Ireland's largest lake, Lough Neagh. Waterford Tyrone stemware features elegant diamond cuts that add timeless elegance to any table.

As part of its commitment to "never discontinue a stemware pattern" - the Waterford Crystal Archive Stemware Program offers a selection of more than 90 archive stemware patterns. Waterford Archive Stemware is made-to-order and/or produced in limited quantities at the House of Waterford Crystal in Ireland, along with some of the most prestigious European crystal factories.

On selected patterns and products where stock may not be available, Special Orders may be placed by calling 1-877-900-9973 (Weekdays, 9am-5pm EST).
For all special orders placed by phone:
- Products will be hand-made to order.
- Orders will arrive in 6-9 months, but could take up to a year.
- Orders ship FREE via UPS Ground.
- Gift wrap and gift messaging are not available.
- Orders can not be cancelled or returned.

  • Waterford Tyrone Claret
    Waterford Tyrone Claret
    Product #024258041080


  • Waterford Tyrone Continental Champagne
    Waterford Tyrone Continental Champagne
    Product #024258040960


    Out of Stock

  • Waterford Tyrone Goblet
    Waterford Tyrone Goblet
    Product #024258040908


  • Waterford Tyrone Old Fashioned, 9 oz
    Waterford Tyrone Old Fashioned, 9 oz
    Product #091571105003


    Out of Stock


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