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> Setting the Perfect Table

5 Tips to Set the Perfect Table

Waterford Setting Perfect Table

Hosting a holiday can be quite an undertaking, and your dinner table will be center stage for the event. Hereís the good news! Waterford is here to help ease the stress. This year, especially with the holidays being early, Waterford wanted to share a few simple tips to help you set the perfect table.


The Tablecloth

First and foremost youíll need to find the right tablecloth, as it will set the palette for your table. Be sure to select the correct size and shape! If youíre not sure which way to go with it, a table runner is always a nice way to incorporate Spring colors and welcome in the Easter season. Most table runners look best on a solid tablecloth, so that makes your choice a bit easier. If you are using a tablecloth you already own be sure to pull it out ahead of time to check for stains, pulls, rips or wrinkles.


Place Settings

Place Settings are the next item youíll need for your table. Your fine china can go a long way to help compliment your table and tie in any napkins and/or decorations you have. Choose a versatile pattern that suits you as your china can be used for years to come.


Glassware and Flatware

Glassware and flatware are also an important factor to any properly set table. Glassware comes in many different shapes and styles, but donít be overwhelmed! A good rule of thumb is to include a water and wine glass (if you will be serving alcohol) at each setting. With flatware it is important to have a complete 5 piece set for each place setting. All forks should be placed to the left of the setting while your spoon and knife will be placed to the right
with the knifes blade facing in towards the plate.



The centerpiece should tie your whole table together. Choose flowers that complement the colors in your table. The vase that you use should complement the flowers and the table. (For instance, if you plan on using long stem flowers, go with a tall vase)


The Finishing Touch

To finish off your table add a special little touch for your guests whether it is a small chocolate gift at each seat or place cards at each setting. Place cards add an elegant touch to the table and can be placed on the plate itself or in decorative place card holders. This will make your guests feel welcome and get the conversation going about what a creative hostess you are.